SUP classes

Stand-up Paddle Surf (SUP) or in Hawaiian language, Hoe he'e nalu, is a sport originated in Hawaii.
SUP combines the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe paddling with Surf.  SUP boards are large surfboards propelled by a standing paddler who uses an extralong canoe paddle.

SUP is an increasingly popular way of keeping fit, and improving core-stability...and a SUP session is definitely more fun than hitting the gym!

Our SUP Technique classes cover basic paddling techniques and safety tips and. We will teach you to find your balance on the SUP board, to paddle from kneeling to standing-up and to turn and control your board.

Location: Depending on the day's wind & waves conditions, we will choose the best location in the island to cater your  likes and needs.

Duration: 90mins

Groups 4 pax (min): 25€/person
2 pax: 45€/person
1 person: 80€

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