SUP Yoga in Ibiza with Paddle Surf Spain

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga (Paddleboard Yoga) is a fusion of Yoga & Stand-Up Paddle Surf (SUP) where Yoga asanas & moves are performed on the board while in the water.  It allows you to enjoy the flexibility and spirituality of Yoga together with the calming & healing powers of the sea.

SUP Yoga provides all the benefits of Water and Yoga together and it also increases stability, flexibility, awareness of weight transfer and core strength. In addition, it challenges, elongates and strengthens the body, as well as deepens the abilities to focus, center, and quiet the mind.

In Paddleboard Yoga the board becomes your mat, the birds sing your flow, and the water and wind remind us to have a sense of humour as we explore our Yoga journey. Imagine the sun bathing your face as you rise into Warrior I while a gentle wave rolls beneath you… Imagine rejuvenating in child’s pose while the sea gently licks your fingers… Practising Stand-Up Paddle Surf Yoga brings a whole new perspective to being “fully present in the moment” and experiencing balance in life.

Our SUP Yoga classes in Ibiza are open to all levels of practice. If desired, they also include an introductory course to Stand-Up Paddle Surf so there is no need to have previous experience in Paddle Surf or Yoga in order to join these sessions.

These classes include:
- Introduction to Stand-Up Paddle Surf  & Paddling technique coaching / perfection (Optional)
- Postural alignment & Balance exercises
- SUP Yoga asanas & sequence
- Breathwork
- Meditation
- Relaxation

Location: Depending on the day's wind & waves conditions, we will choose the best location in the island to cater your  likes and needs.

Duration: 90mins

Groups 4 pax (min): 35€/person
Private lesson 2 pax: 50€/person
Private lesson 1 pax: 90€

SUP Yoga class & healthy lunch rates: 
Groups 4 pax (min): 53€/person
Private lesson 2 pax: 68€/person
Private lesson 1 pax: 108€

Group class: Thursdays, 17:30-19h & Fridays, 10:30-12h at Es Figueral beach (S.Carlos, Ibiza).  Other days & times also available.
Please get in touch for information about other dates or location

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